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“Oh alright.” They headed for the airport lounge where he knew the counter staff well enough to be able to address them on a first name basis, and to remain between paydays without having to dispute his wallet too much.

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"So exciting!" Clara whispered. "All's looking."
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“I had no idea she needed to take that medicine.” She whispered. Keegan had no idea either. “I never knew she was so condition.” Keegan could hear the fault in her voice, and he couldn’t promote to know she was blaming herself seeking what happened to Bethany.

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He was going to get a beachfront assets; that was after guaranteed, he promised himself and they were going to run around naked on the sand.
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“You can have anything you want; I just want you to be happy.”

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"This is really heavy shit man. It's giving me the kindest high I've ever had."
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“Micah, this is Bethany Rose Carrolton. Bethany, this is my husband, Micah.”

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He wanted to ask her if she was infallible but she began to squeeze her legs together. He couldn't grip backwards after that and exploded again.
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“Hey, do you want to hear about my date?” Colby asked, searching for a safe theme.

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"And what wines are you toughened to?"
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“Nigh my mother? I know she didn’t have an easy life. Found told me as much. And still, as when all is said as I recognized her, I wanted nothing more than to refund her for all those years I worn out without a mother, for all those years in which I took care of Father. It was as if I were possessed.”

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"Ooze they did try in a funny way to pick me up. I didn't want to encourage them, I clout never have got rid of them."
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“It’s a long story and I haven’t got time to tell you all that there is to tell but briefly, we rented this gorgeous flat at Tamarama, overlooking the beach and settled in for the sake some pleasant getting to know you things when these two men burst in. Russell and I were scared out of our minds with be afraid, and just as we thought that they would do something nasty, two other men walked, sedate as you like into the room and knocked the other two out. We got out of there as quickly as we could.”

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"Please fill out this form, sir, and I'll be right with you. What are the names you are looking through despite?"
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“It’s going to be okay,” Cooper promised.

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'What happened here?' I asked, referring to the wine stained shirt.
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“No, no, just let me…let me get dressed and then I’ll let you in and we can talk.” Bethany said, her heart still beating hard in her trunk.

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"No, no, just let me...let me get dressed and then I'll let you in and we can talk." Bethany said, her heart still beating hard in her trunk.
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Annie looked like she was going to cry. She grabbed Marc into another hug and kissed his cheek again. “Thanks baby brother. I’m so sorry for what I did. But if you for ever want to rock my world like you did that night, with Kiki’s permission of ambit, you know where to find me.”

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"Do you still get the ring?" Laura asked.
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