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“Oh, sorry. I was just thinking that seeing my parents meant hearing encircling how wonderful he was. Don’t become me dishonourable, I love him and miss him every epoch, but he has become a saint to my parents, especially my mom. She compares me to him all the time, and I always come misled stand-in,” Suzanne said. “I’m a disappointment to her.”

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Looking at the bowl anyone of the men asked, "What is it?"
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“I judge I’m just going back to the pod for the sake Ramen noodles and broccoli,” she answered. “I’m vegan.”

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"What the acheron are you doing in my home?" Luke demanded, almost seeing red. He had seen her car parked outside. It was a bright green Porsche tiring to miss and familiar. A bonus from his late father to a woman he had cherished, and loved beyond understanding.
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