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John nodded slowly. “Thanks.” He said again, this time with more sincerity.

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Harry hesitated in the middle of the shop; his empty eyes surveyed his depleted supply. He went to the scratch-box and removed sheaves of large denomination bills, stuffing them in the leather brief that held the daytime's sales slips. He looked about with no plan or destination; then, he sat at the bench, hopelessly maddening to discover united, or the other.
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Wednesday came and I hadn’t told Sarah I couldn’t thrive. I’d toyed with the idea, but I had no real idea if that was even the problem. I couldn’t figure out why John cared if Sarah invited me for dinner on her birthday. I went to dinner at Sarah’s unbelievably frequently- I couldn’t see why this was any different. In the end, I definite I didn’t want to kerfuffle Sarah by aid out. Even if, for some reason, John didn’t seem to lack me there.

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"I love it." Chad laughed and fiddled with the new phone, instantly downloading a game called Angry Birds. Blaine smiled and leant his head on Chad's push watching as he flung a red bird towards some green pigs.
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