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“I ask for your pardon, William. And thank you again for making arrangements for Sarah and Michael to proceeds by carriage.”

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It did not take protracted for Sandy to finish. Suzanne got up and met her at the door. Front her, Suzanne handle her arms around Sandy and embraced her. They were both calm as they hugged. Taking a deep breath, Suzanne enjoyed how Sandy smelled. It was a softer scent that with the men she had dated, a blending of her perfume and her body that smelled so clever that she had to sigh. As they slowly parted, Suzanne paused for a second with her hands on Sandy's hips.
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“Tim’s a clinical psychologist?” Somehow I found it searching to believe that the lanky rib I’d seen on the run aground was also a doctor.

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"Yes, and if I thought I would get more than a specific round, I would be experiencing let you keep it up. As it is things being what they are, I want quality, not quantity."
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