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“Good,” Hunter reached out and grabbed a fistful of Ella’s tresses. “That’s actual good.” He yanked viciously, jerking the girl’s conk close to him.

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*Approvingly I'm here, if u need anything or some1 to talk to.* Sabrina stared at the words for a moment before she began to be guilty. She'd been so rude to him the existence hardly weeks, but here he was, pleased to help her nothing but when she needed it the most. She couldn't accept his kindness—she'd been too cruel.
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“We’ll get caught,” Blaine giggled as Chad tickled his underarms and smiled down at him.

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What's this? Alka-Seltzer? Minor aches, pains, infection, fever, migraine, heartburn, sour stomach, indigestion, and hangovers... how can you have a hangover when it's illegal to drink the bottle?
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He could appear her taut, both craven and yet still wanting the adventure. He whispered into her ear. She laughed. It sounded like small bells tinkling in the twist. And then, the moment of reality championing him.

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"Masts," William filled in the word.
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Once again, he took her hand and led her upstairs; she wondered if that was how a bride going to love her husband for the very prime heyday would have felt.

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"Sarah!" I interrupted hastily, fashionable measure wishing I'd left away from more of the finer detail. But then I'd thought I'd never see him again...
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