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I found the contrast between Naomi and Carol intoxicating, proving the opposites in point of fact do attract. While the suggestion of having sex with a glowering woman had a on the cards appeal I vowed to probe Naomi as a woman lover who just happens to have darker bark. I wrestled this in my mind and was lost in my thoughts when Naomi took my hands.

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He had awoken with a start that shook the bed.
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I write to welcome you to our relatives. Please stand my deepest condolences at the death of your husband, my youngest brother Geoffrey. I’m sure that you can believe that Geoffrey was at once my dearest friend and my greatest nemesis. I would not till hell freezes over have believed that our demesne contained perfectly so many toads and snakes if Geoffrey had not brought them to my attention by leaving them for me in my dwell. But my overriding memories are of the times when he took delight in explaining to me something restored and wonderful that he had seen while out riding, in spite of that if I had been sound next to him at the time he saw it.

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Watching Jim arranging shipment of his wife and two children's bodies was hard enough for John to take. He knew Catherine and her two paltry girls. "It must be unrealizable for him,' John trifle. 'God, I hope I never have to do that.'
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