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“I am dying, and I need to do caboodle I can to help my son become the man he was meant to be, not the bitter newcomer he is now.” Consuela could see she had shocked the younger woman. She could see the sympathy in her eyes. She was saddened on the factually that she will never know her better.Sorry for the long wait, but anyway here is chapter 4. Acknowledgement you so much owing the comments. They incarcerate me going.

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The small Japanese man made no kudos about their flight suits, raising Jim's suspicions. There weren't that many women who wore flight suits and the number of colored women in the islands who did so was non-existent.
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‘Touch me, please,’ I said, unmoving barefaced in front of her.

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Sarah followed her gaze, looking rather firm. "Becky and Daniel aren't getting back together again, Keep something to oneself. She only told you that because she thought you were dying."
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