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“What for? I’m not. I couldn’t be happier. Now what’s your news?”

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"Frightened, Clara?" Meg asked next.
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“You know it is,” Kyle said from across the table, bewitching a swig from his orange juice.

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"That when he gets judged, Jesus one has one thing to say. "It was less enjoyment. How did you forget that?" Suzanne said. The tears didn't an end. The things he had done and how he treated her did not change the deed data that she loved him. It was hard to believe that he was gone. Appropriate for most of her ‚lan, pleasing him was the most important thing. That changed recently but she still felt adrift as if the compass of her life was gone. For some reason, she thought of her therapist. "She'd tell me that I should rely on myself to be that, wouldn't she." She sighed. It was forcibly. It was much clearer to see what someone else wanted you to be than figuring out what you want. "I need to try though," Suzanne told herself.
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