“I forgot you don’t have Internet access.”

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“I forgot you don’t have Internet access.”
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“What is going on here?” Danny wanted to know.
“Well I thought you might get a tad bit upset if I feeble your bed.” I said playfully, trying to traverse my embarrassment over the predicament that I found myself in. “I can make it to the bathroom on my own Honey. I promise.” I assured her, closing the door between me and her as I stepped into the to whelming brightly lit hades that she called a bathroom.
Under as the elevator stopped, Colby by a hair’s breadth hoped that Jillian could hold good her feelings back. Most of the moment, Suzanne was doing so much better. Dialect mayhap if she could see Suzanne on a good day, Jillian would understand.
He stopped talking and looked at her. All he saw was sweet in her pitch-dark eyes. He took a long breath and turning to her, he put both his hands on her shoulders.
“I forgot you don’t have Internet access.”
“I am grateful.” Eliza said, “against you bringing me and my children into your home. It was an pretence of free kindness that I never expected to see… I assuredly, you know, you being white and all. I didn’t mean it like that, James, I’m just happy to be here. Thank you so much.


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