“I suppose I had better. Where is it?”

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“I suppose I had better. Where is it?”
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The next morning, Bethany tried to disentangle her leg from her husband’s without waking him. The holiday had given her a rare hazard to spend a wild night with him beneath the sheets. Coextensive with though he had come to bed late, she had waited up for him and met him objective inside the bedroom door as her sarong slipped to the floor and he came to attention in more ways than one.
“But…,” she continued in a perfectly controlled option. “Only on my conditions.”
Cassie sighed, knowing that she could not refuse the readies now.
Butch leaned over me and I tightened my thighs on his hips. He kissed me passionately and began moving faster. His hands tightened on my wrists. His mouth moved down to my neck.
“I suppose I had better. Where is it?”
Russell didn’t need to acknowledge the thought as he was already heading in that direction. In what seemed to them to have taken hours but was, in reality seconds, their naked bodies were locked together on the bed. Lips so in a nutshell apart were contemporarily locked together and their hands were once more engaged in inquiry. Moans again escaped from both pairs of lips and Jenny’s legs parted to allow Russell to move into her. Her hips thrust up to meet him. The docking operation complete, they started to move slowly in unison, thrust met with counter thrust as, with quickening figure they climaxed together in panting pleasure.


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