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“Clara, Clara, you’re so much fun to play with, you’re a carnival all by yourself. I’ll on no account tire of playing with you. Bite for the nonce!”

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She pulled it away from, the move slapping against her nose and she laughed as once again it moved into her mouth, her head twisting and moving, making love to him as he felt himself chic hotter and harder the longer she held him in her mouth.
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I looked down to her left ankle to see it locked with her punishment.

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John dropped his cigarette and stepped away from the dark porch, silently cursing his decision to give up Jim's .45 in the house. He could probably take two of them... but, four?
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“Makeover is taking place!” Charity said.

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"Yours always tastes pudding," Chad frowned as he gazed into Blaine's green eyes.
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