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Leaving… leaving the constant reminders of what was… leaving the attitudes keeping him from Bethany… leaving behind everything but the good memories that still filled his determination.

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"He hit you?" Butch said, his utter raising in bulk.
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Critical. Dad is a defense attorney and makes his living representing criminals with arcane pockets. I’m ineluctable his client would be happy to be informed that Dad’s banging his wife while he sits in jail or whatever.

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"I don't want either you or Jenny even contemplating suicide because of this operation, is that understood?"
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“What do you mean you know? You haven’t met my sister – how would you-“

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"I want my own room," Kate proclaimed stubbornly. "My own little free sector."
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“In some states, homicide in retribution for adultery, that’s allowable.

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"I'm scared to death, but yes, I want you and our daughter," Cal answered.
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