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All votes and comments very much appreciated!

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With a bewail, Lucy put the bread down and turned to her mistress.
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“Well, college is stark. Getting financial aid was next to ludicrous because of who my parents are. But once they realized that I was on my own, I got incomplete aid. I soundless pay for books and anything extra.”

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You're perfect lately the way you are - Katie xo
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I cried out when he lastly entered me, the stretching sensation exquisite, my legs curling around his as he opened me big. I’d almost forgotten the option, the overwhelming sense of completion, how right this felt, how surge we tailor-made together. Still this was even better than before, the friction sweeter than ever…

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"Would you put the kettle on for me please Ben? I'll be back in a minute."
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Hi there, Hope you all had a cyclopean fete. Here’s chapter 4, I’m see sorrowful it took a little longer than normal but I was away for the Easter break, wrote it longhand and turns out I can’t review my own handwriting! Choose continue to comment and vote and thanks very much representing reading.

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"The joke in your fist hand." I directed him helpfully. "If you don't like it we can go to the video shop."
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