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‘What? What’s wrong?’ I quickly shot back questions.

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"Where's your sister?" His tone was as strong as she ever heard him. Something had happened to him during the night and whatever it was, Eliza hoped he would take Bethany and pound some sense into her.
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“Hey that reminds me. I had better team the others to enable to rent out them separate where we are.”

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"What are the local security forces doing on every side this?"
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If I didn’t answer the first patch, and I didn’t call you back, what makes you think I’m usual to answer this time?! he thought.

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"How did you know that?" I asked through a mouthful of sandwich, too surprised to attend to until I'd swallowed.
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Tell O’Brian that he’s fucking dead.

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When she entered, her father stared at her over his glasses, with his mouth extended. Finally closing his mouth he demanded, "Cassandra Connelly, just where do you think you're going dressed like that?"
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“Yes, I just wanted to counter with you first,” Jim said.

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"Yes, I just wanted to counter with you first," Jim said.
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