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‘Where did she go after she left here?..’ I asked, tears rolling down my cheeks.

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"Would you have swallowed another man's cum?"
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Mike jumped up, “Hey newborn, this is a private conversation – can you give us a couple of minutes?”

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She shook her head lightly while opening the next message
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“I didn’t know,” he pleaded. “Believe me, I had no idea it was you.”

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"I didn't know," he pleaded. "Believe me, I had no idea it was you."
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“Fuck!” Colby moaned as Suzanne moved her face from side to side, worming her way in deeper. She felt Suzanne’s tongue extending, gently pushing into her wet pussy. As Suzanne swirled it around, Colby cried out again and pulled Suzanne’s head against her slope. As much as Colby wanted her deeper, it just wasn’t possible. Suzanne couldn’t receive her face any further in than she already was.

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"He is not currently employed by the CIA."
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The next morning, he woke to the feel of her lips on his morning erection. As she opened her mouth, her tongue slipped out and licked the head of his cock. A moment later, she began moving down, slowly irresistible it in to the behind of her mouth and then, smoothly took him down her throat. His moans spurred Bethany on and after bobbing a sprinkling times, she felt his cock swell and then the worsen rush as burst after burst filled her.

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The sound of his moans was misspent in the roar of the late winter storm's waves now smashing onto the shore.
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