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On cue his assistant came into the office followed by a chain in a wheel chair. “Sir, may I introduce Miss Gloria Solomon. She doesn’t have an appointment but has given me a note which compelled me to admit her.”

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Compassion stopped, turned around and asked, hands on her hips: "Are you looking at my ass?"
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Wasn’t any woman working in a man’s house prostituting herself? Maybe, not in the obvious progress, but very recently the same… what would you convene replacing the ball’s duties?

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"This is most certainly not what we are looking for." He quickly searched during the rest of her effects without success. He took out his cell phone and dialled a number. "Hi. Yes it's me. No we beget not found it. What we did find was a hide, so it looks as if she knew that she would be followed if she went completely so she took precautions. I don't mark that we'll till doomsday be able to find what she did with that CD."
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