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“Why not both? We could use a renter for universal running when it doesn’t event if we are followed and have something better for the duration of other throw away.”

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"You damn uppity nigger, just who you think you are, anyway, coming in here like you're somebody notable. Thanks to you, Bill's gone."
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“Would you put the kettle on for me gladden Ben? I’ll be servants’ in a minute.”

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Alex raised her eyebrows. "Well that sucks for you Lili," she said trying not to laugh. Lili just looked irritated.
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On one of the Adirondack chairs under the shade of the willow trees, Eliza was feeding Glory some of the new Gerber’s strained carrots and watching her other two children knock him down once again.

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All the same, I couldn't refrain from wondering what I'd got myself into.
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