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“Great! That’s quite what I sympathy we didn’t want.”

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Colby wasn't as frazzled out as Suzanne. Beyond making woman, Suzanne's day was more emotionally taxing than Colby's. She raised herself up on an elbow and looked at her girlfriend. "I wanted you to feel all the love I have for you. I wanted you to cum like you have at no time cum before." She met Suzanne's eyes and added, "I'd do anything for you, Suzanne."
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“Answer me truly, do you make thing embrace with him?”

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"Answer me truly, do you make thing embrace with him?"
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Matters came to a head in his junior year at Tipsy School when he overheard a Senior bragging to his friends that he had ‘had a piece of that Bronson lady-in-waiting outside the Roughrider Bar & Grill’ the previous evening.

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"Well hullo old girl, I wondered where you had got to. I arrived composed at my usual time expecting the customary exorbitant repast to be waiting for me and what do I find? A anguished Franklin not knowing where you were, and a meal that could only be described as past its prime."
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“Yeah, didn’t actually think it would chance though.”

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"We need a dog," Danny said laughing.
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