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He lifted my hands to his mouth and kissed them. “Tim blames my womanising on the fact I’m a without warning arse,” he said, with another rather shame-faced smile. “Instant he’s a clinical psychologist so maybe I should accept that he knows superiority than me but I think it’s a piss poor excuse. Yes, I got bullied a bit in primary school into being, shall we articulate, vertically-challenged? But it wasn’t like anything else was ever a problem. I was a smart kid but I wasn’t a geek. I liked learning, it came easygoing to me. I still had time to be the class clown. And I guess when I hit my teens, flirting with the girls was kind of a natural progression.”

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He was no longer using the bucket as his personal urinal, preferring to make his slow way into the bathroom on his knees. He was long-legged enough to pee into the toilet without having to stand.
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“It’s you, PJ, for the stay of my life. I love you, baby.”

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As they hadn't fully unpacked it took a matter of minutes for them to renounce their clothes into their bags and leave.
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“Here,” Jim said, “you drive,” and tossed him the keys.

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"'Bye Jen." Francine ushered her reluctant passengers towards the Datsun. "Don't worry, if anyone can acquire this man Jim and Aaron can. We'll keep in touch." Her dying words were lost in the noise of scattering gravel and the exhaust as the car fishtailed out of the driveway.
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