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We were all in the backyard. People were making out up against the palisade undecided, playing beer bong, snap cup.

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Already glowing in sun or shafts of light and the dappled spots of illumination and shade that covered her like elegant garments, she slowly changed. Wispy thin tendrils of feather-like filaments of light or energy crept from her substance and elongated slowly until they formed wings that waved and shimmered relating to her dainty appearance.
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Lana handed her a beer, which she readily started drinking, finishing it as they stood there looking around. When it was empty, Lana handed her another one. Cass had to receive to herself that she was slightly nervous about tonight. It would be the first time that she had ever gone all the way with anyone. Sure they had fooled around, but not under any condition got that far.

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As they walked to the door, Colby linked arms with her. It wasn't out of the ordinary for two women to parade that way and not have it wealth anything more than esteem. No one could think that in the air Colby and Suzanne. The love there was self-evident. Jillian shook her cranium as she followed them out. Her readiness to defend her friend was still there. She wasn't completely convinced that this lovely woman with so many problems was right over the extent of Colby.
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I came up here and there she was… and then…

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"No. I am not going anywhere at hand the quarters until we have the police with us."
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Suddenly, I’m stuck in the middle of the writhing crowd, my whiff coming short and sybaritic. My old fears assault me. What if I’m not his type? What if he’s disgusted by my scars? What if I horrify him?

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And letting off a sob, I buried my face into his shoulder.
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