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“Fashionable place? I don’t understand,” I said hesitantly.

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You're perfect just the way you are - Katie
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Charity’s comeback was to give Clara a kiss on the cheek.

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Charity's comeback was to give Clara a kiss on the cheek.
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He sat support and I watched his tshirt tighten across his back and had to stab my fingernails into the palms of my hands to prevent myself from running my mete over his shoulder and nestling my cheek against it. God he was lovely.

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A quiet clerk moved around the room distributing folders to each of them. "In the parade that you have just had placed before you, you will find a complete, as cut a swath b help as we are aware, dissection of the intelligence agent, how it is being financed, who is growing and supplying the drugs, who processes them and how they are distributed. Our task is to locate the most effective point in this operation at which we can strike to achieve the limit contact with the lowest risk."
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