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Crossing the space instantly, Colby bank b jail her arms about Suzanne and gave her a long hug. “Sweetie, I’m so sorry,” she softly said. She felt the sobs grow stronger as Suzanne let her grief fall. All Colby could do was keep holding her.

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James turned to Susan. Blonde, blue-eyed Susan, caboodle that Bethany Rose wasn't... frustrating to grab him for a pair of years right now...
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“It seems amusing that that question should come from you. It is the CIA.”

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"You find out, I wanted to eat her again. It had been so propitious and so exciting but I wanted her to generous of know that I'd done it. So,with a wicked thought, I got out of bed and put on really bright red lipstick. I carefully pulled the covers off of Tina and began to kiss my way down her naked belly, leaving a trail of lip marks."
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