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“I doubt it, but keep dreaming. I would take thought that if you wanted a flash sports car you would have chosen a Ferrari, it being Italian and all. Or maybe you feel more at home in one of those Monaro things with the nodding dog and the bobble fringe in the stand behind window.”

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Stunned to hear the almost fierce tenderness in his tone, I closed my eyes, allowing him to gather me close, feeling his fingers raking repetitiously through my hair's breadth, the sensation soothing yet arousing at the same time. And I don't recall how long we were locked together like that, how want my head was pressed against his shoulder, how yearn I listened to the steady, reassuring thump of his pluck, only that when he finally spoke I almost jumped not allowed of my skin.
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‘It’s you… It’s us.. I need you.. Oh elect be with me..’

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Like any accomplished cat, Tuptim wanted to be with the two people she loved. She pranced in fore-part of them, unambiguously getting in their way. After the following time that Suzanne accidentally kicked her, Colby burst out laughing. She looked down at the cat and her completely offended look.
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