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Sighing, I lowered the towel and studied myself in the reproduce. “Hey there, gorgeous,” I muttered sarcastically, shaking my conk at the spectacle of the dark rings beneath my eyes and my mussed-up hair. But then Luke had never seen me looking exactly at my best, had he?

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"Who's present to watch the children? Can't just leave them here, alone."
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Seconds later, her bedroom door opened and she walked in with a tray of food and liquid. She was in her bath robe and it was tied tightly all her slim waist, revealing some of her cleavage.

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"Is there anything else you lack?" the server asked.
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“Well, he got ache, about killed saving your ass and then you ran off, and he needed the resources available to him only to the core this federation,” Caitlin answered. Jessica sighed.

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"No need. That old devil can see right under the aegis me. It's just a matter of time before the others catches up."
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