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Charity’s comeback was to give Clara a kiss on the cheek.

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Charity's comeback was to give Clara a kiss on the cheek.
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“Two months, babe.” Chad husked out running his hands through Blaine’s dark curls.

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The mists swirled and cleared. Jenny's candidly was no longer a thing of beauty. Her eyes were puffed and beginning to display the livid colours of extensive bruising, her nose was bleeding and not its orthodox form and her lips were swollen but not split. Her cheeks were puffed and bruised.
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“Aye, sir,” the coxswain agreed nervously. “But I was thinking, sir, that if we strung the ship with bunting, like, for a celebration o’ the captain’s joining, we could pull the cap over their eyes, like, on a good while.”

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"She's not my whore," he said, truthfully, defensively.
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KillerBitch had published twenty-three stories. As he read them he was astonished by the graphical sexual violence she portrayed. Even more astonishing were the responses from readers that seemed equally vehement. Oddly the anger in the responses grew greater as each new story was published, almost as if she was encouraging it.

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"Who do you dream up it is?" Caitlin asked, giving Danielle a bottle and letting her gnaw on a large piece of waffle.
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