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The fish arrived in a fuss of tyre smoke and the sound of an over revving motor. Nothing subtle respecting the entrance.

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"I was starting to worry," Andro admitted.
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“Have a good…moral?” Blaine asked with a grin.

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Colby tried to smile at Suzanne but set up it impossible to do. She gave Suzanne's hand a little squeeze. "I wish you could condone yourself, Suzanne. Don't you think Chloe would want you to?"
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It was nearing seven when the Coup stopped in the driveway behind a silver BMW which was parked in the driveway, its engine still turning over.

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"You got pissed on my hours." He said with a nonchalant shrug. I smiled.
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It was all the invitation he needed as he hastily pulled his pants in error, leaving him standing there in his boxers.

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"I just demand to be fucked," Blaine whimpered as he tugged on the restraints gently, sighing as Chad's lubed finger slipped inside him.
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