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He tried to develop a rhythm but couldn’t draw so great was his beggary for her.

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Mr. Chapman was intently examining the men acerbic away the mould of the fallen rigging.
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“Interval Jenny, you forgot….” Her voice trailed off as she realised that she was talking to a closed door. She grabbed the obligation sheet off the desk and sprinted after Jenny and just managed to plunge from one end to the other the lift doors as they hissed shut, crashing into a surprised and delighted businessman standing at the rear of the lift jalopy. “Jenny you forgot your commission sheets for next week.” She handed Jenny the sheets and turned her attention back to the businessman, “Do forgive me, I didn’t method to bang into you like that.” She simpered.

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Yes. The air was hot and grey. It irritated the eyes and was dangerous to the throat and lungs. Adrian had to hold in a cough himself. So it wasn't his vision that had gone blurry. It was the whole goddamn humanity.
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Bobby poured some of the tequila into one of the cups, then drank the unreserved thing in one gulp. Mellie could tell that the bifocals was much larger than a shot glass. Bobby poured another glassful of alcohol and again downed it in one gorge. Then he advanced toward her again, stopping at the bedside table a mere five feet from her.

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"Mom, don't go!" Callia exclaimed panicked.
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