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“Don’t get forward with me mate or you’ll find out what it’s like being a guest of her Majesty. I don’t suppose you have your passport on you do you?”

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Just as the song came to its reason, Suzanne leaned forward and brushed her lips against Piper's. Unlike the other night with Sandy, she was the one taking the initiative. Piper seemed to be impartial fine with that. Her lips matched the tongue-lash pressure from Suzanne and lifted just a moment after her. Piper's eyes were a little clouded with desire and she licked her lips, but still she followed Suzanne's inveigle.
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As John and Em watched the scene unfold, they heard a boat engine roaring louder. They turned to see a Zodiac with Collective States Coast Guard emblazoned on the mask racing towards them. In it were three men, equally armed with assault rifles. They spun the craft to a stop in front of the raft. John got to his feet and threw them the vine they had used to moor the raft.

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"This is about Chloe, right? You necessity me to tell you what happened. Now?" He blew out a sigh. "What is it with you and this extremity to have midway of the night chats?"
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