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She began to suck on my clit, and she held down my hips into her mattress.

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Marc nodded and she raised herself up and drove back down onto him. He groaned and reached for her but Chiara playfully slapped his hands away. Chiara looked at Marc and asked him if he loved her, he nodded and said yes so she smiled and leaned down to kiss him. For good she asked Marc if he wanted to fuck her truth now, and he growled and rolled them over so he was on top of her.
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Luke smiled, those blue eyes unwavering on mine. “I know. It’s probably spirit too early to determine you that but–” He shrugged, looking unapologetic. “I do and I justifiable had to tell you.”

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"Chad is like that, he hates the idea of anybody abusing someone who is defenseless. Chad thinks fight fair or don't engage at all. He feels it even more keenly because it's you, he hates that he couldn't be there to fill up your pain in the neck and stand with you."
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