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“What do you privation, baby?”

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"James, reason in this day it feels like your whole world has crumbled into dust, especially with her even here. You neediness to focus on your own happiness... move the bad thoughts out of your oversee.
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‘Mmm yes… More…’ she said.

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I heard Frank clicking with the mouse occasionally from above me as I worked up a mouthful of saliva and slid my gripping lips ruin and forth over the throbbing veins that stood unfashionable in bold relief along his tremendous put-down.
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Her granddaughter was with her those final moments and remarked that her last words were “Catherine”; she thought Gram was speaking to her but her own mother told her later that was not the crate at all.

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"Yes," Chad replied sheepishly, rubbing the disregard of his neck.
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