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“Are you trying to tell me that I look better with this on than without?”

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"Alright Jane, thank you. What made you look at the paint tubes?"
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“Merely that her husband and son were killed and she was badly injured in a heap crash. And that she blames herself.”

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"But--" I gazed at him in consternation. "She said that was why. She said that you shoved her. That she fell and that that was why she--"
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The rest of the day was exhausted knocking the items off her list. The most time consuming one was going out to her sick co-worker’s house to engage the rot he was going to bring. He lived in one of the more distant suburbs and it took an hour and a half to get there and back.

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"I can't believe you're here with me," he said quietly.
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“You look cute when you’re concentrating on reading with your glasses on,” I told him.

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"You look cute when you're concentrating on reading with your glasses on," I told him.
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“Miss Gloria Solomon. Do either of you know her?”

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"That's all right, James. It's not that loaded from the Pacific Electric. I needed the pathway for these old bones, anyway."
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Several of the Directors of the Nugan Handy Bank were retired US military personnel, some of whom gave their address as the San Francisco offices of ‘Breeze America’ a CIA controlled airline that official not under any condition existed, and which was used via that agency for clandestine operations in Laos and Vietnam that included the transportation of arms and drugs. Other Directors gave their address as Continental Arrogance Services/US Agency with a view International Situation (CAS/USAID).

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"How take no entire knows?" I asked. It was more indirect than asking why he wasn't out. He stilled behind me, so I knew he understood what I meant.
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“Definitely. The only difference is that I will organize your Viagra pills while you make me a glass of Metamucil.”

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"Definitely. The only difference is that I will organize your Viagra pills while you make me a glass of Metamucil."
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