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“Then why pick on me. I would beget thought that if you know the operations of the Drug Squad you would hardly trust any of us.”

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"This is Sabrina." Quincy introduced her but she couldn't respond. Looking into the knowledgeable about obverse had stolen the breath out of her. She thought about what his presence meant.
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He had been watching her from afar all evening as she moved from food to table, smiling politely and chatting with some of the guests. From where he was sitting, Aidan thought she was an exquisite entity. The way she moved and unconsciously swung her hips drew his stare like a moth to a flare. He was itching to see her up close. He watched as two other girls came up to her and began talking rapidly. She nodded and the three headed out the back door. He frowned in disappointment, hoping she wasn’t leaving.

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"What is that supposed to through?" she was almost shaking and in her position she had every right to be frightened. Luke Randall was a very powerful influential man if he wanted he wanted her babies it was very accomplishable he would become involved in them. She was 19 and had no resources to fight him with.
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