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Chad stripped quickly and dove onto the bed, jolting Blaine and making him giggle. Blaine wiggled around and finally deposited himself in the middle of the bed, gazing at Chad.

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"Touché. I suppose I deserved that one."
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Of course, after Bethany Rose talked with her sister, he only got his favorites every third day. The way Eliza cooked… every third day was enough.

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As crushed as he was by her last minute rejection, he wouldn't do that to her. He wanted her back but was still mystified how that was going to happen and each daylight that went by made it non-standard like less and less disposed to.
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“She’s not wearing panties; I wouldn’t let her!”

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"I don't recognize what you're talking about."
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“Yes, but…” Blaine tried to phrase he didn’t like leather, it made him sweat and he felt like his cock was pushed up clandestine his body.

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I walked to my lodge and put on a fresh pair of clothes.
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