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I was five minutes late since my class, but my teacher, Miss Raver, didn’t seem to notice because she was so into her lesson of the day that square when a kid dropped his exercise book book on the floor it caused a flashy copy and she barely flinched. I slid into my residence and listened to her as best as I could. Miss Raver was known for her speedy talking, a lot of people had trouble keeping up with her when she got exceptionally excited over something and today was no different while I tried to focus on her words that all seemed to slur together. Sighing softly in annoyance, I just gave up after trying to pay concentration for ten minutes. My mind wandered to other things like my math assay that I had next, my doctors appointment that I had to rumble a way to get to by next week, Alexander, and my time turn out I needed to get done after classes were over. Mainly I thought of Alexander, but lets pretend I care about my math test and all that other stuff too.

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He never finished as James's right fist smashed into his nose, crushing it and then another burst to the face broke his jaw.
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“I’m going to discourse on you to it,” Colby said in a stern tone.

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The day was hot, we were working pretty hard and the power wasn't on in Karen and Mark's untrained place so no A/C. Soon everyone was soaked to with sweat. Carol's tank garnish was plastered to her body and there was a loop of darkness at the waist of her slacks. Why do some women look so desirable all licentious and sweaty?
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