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“In consequence of you so much. How much do I owe you?”

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"Okay, well...if you demand anything else..."
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Piper turned her head and kissed Suzanne on the neck. “Elect,” she said loud enough for Suzanne to understand. “You have me so fucking excited.”

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She continued to rub my bare slash with her magical fingers. She's always so docile, so squeamish, so caring when she touches me.
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She placed my legs disown down, kissing up to my chest and neck. She held my face gently.

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"Oh, I see," she said as she gave me a smile.
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“Not as inhuman as the crimes for which you are about to be executed.”

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I instantly obeyed him. He moved between my legs and spread my cheeks with his hands. I cried out when his tongue ran over my hole. I pulled a pillow to my face and gripped it. His patois was driving me insane. I writhed around on the bed as he licked and probed.
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“More chocolate?” she playfully asked but in the back of her mind, she wasn’t sure what chocolate she had in mind. If her grandmother could see her, instantly, born a slave and here she was, kissing a white crew while sitting on his lap. Grandmother would just say nothing’s changed, neonate, nothing’s changed.

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"Won't someone get suspicious about two policemen, and partners at that, both dying within a day of each other in divide up `incidents'."
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“Been fuckin’ them both, haven’t you? Like that blackness viands, do you?

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"Been fuckin' them both, haven't you? Like that blackness viands, do you?
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My hand moved to his inner thigh and slowly moved it up to his crotch. I could see the beginnings of an erection underneath his jeans and I gently squeezed and rubbed. Butch drew in a acute breath and fidgeted in his seat.

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He cared deeply for Cal; Cal and Jake were like brothers to Danny, but using his and Jessica's loss to turn out a point was going too far.
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He then let his hands glide down her ass cheeks and thighs, motile under the tight black fabric back up to her ass to cup her naked cheeks. Squeezing with one hand, he traced the other one down in between the crack to her pussy, awareness the wetness envelope his hand as he rubbed her go up through the soaked thong.

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"And Dr. Marcus," Kim said, remembering the doctor's bulging eyes with a small shudder.
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“No, he was undeniably stimulated,” Suzanne replied.

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Caroline stared at the intense expression on her brother-in-law's face.
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