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Stupid, a skimpy voice screamed in my head. This was Luke, king of the one-night stands. Not only that but if he was to be believed, he hadn’t had any good-natured of relationship with a char in years. What on terra had possessed me to think that anything could continuously happen between us? Nothing was going to befall, was it?

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'Bad! So inferior! Get hold of me satisfy! I want your fingers Katie!' she yelled out loud.
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Her eyes opened wide as she looked at him.

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"You didn't do anything wrong, you were perfect, and it was amazing, but I need to think, and I can't do that here," Gray said gently.
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“This is my car, my image, and where we are going if I was driving something else it would be more unhidden.”

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Blaine spread his legs further as Chad lined his cock up with his hole, looking up he watched Blaine's opposite for any sign of discomfort when he slowly pushed inside, there was resistance at first.
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