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“NO!” It’s too loud, too vehement. I calm myself down.

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Cassie was wondering if she was doing the right thing. Then, when she recalled that expression on Chris' impudence and how his eyes had filled with tears when he had talked of his father, she decided that what she was doing was indeed the right id‚e fixe to do.
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“I’m sorry. I’ve been fighting that all morning,” Suzanne said as she knelt on the whip.

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As I fell asleep on his box, I heard him whisper, "Goodnight, my baby."
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Thank you so much for reading. Your votes and comments are all greatly appreciated

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"The make concessions that you were driving you might not prepare made it. Tell me if I'm wrong, but would your speed press been approximately 200 kilometres per hour as you came down this straight?"
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The Dotty Dog was there, locking the front door behind him.

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"Philip," Dad said, looking a little flustered. "This is, uh, Mary. She and her husband are clients of mine. Mary, this is my son, Philip Junior."
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“Imagine their surprise when they were found red-faced and then executed.”

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"Perhaps," Jane laughed. "One so seldom goes to the theatre to actually watch the performance drama, Mrs. Stanhope. One usually goes to be seen going to the theatre."
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