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“No.” Gavin admitted, opening his eyes to look down into hers. What he saw there confirmed what she said. He only saw drive and friendship, not affection or love.

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"Oh god, John!" My fingers dug into his shoulders. He was pressing against my prostate and I had no thoughts of any pain any more. "Please..."
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“No. If you do the promising item by me you can retire at any time, no problems. If you are stupid enough to do the wrong thing, you just hibernate, once. You get my drift?”

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"Thank you, that's fine by me. Are you sure that you don't want me to bust the leader of this mob just yet?"
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I give her a long, poignant, wet kiss for good occasionally I’m all the way in, and I slowly begin fucking her.

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"No, no. You are quite ethical. I do not insufficiency to take your wealth. However, an investment opportunity has arisen that I -- or perhaps I should say we -- that we may regret not taking advantage of."
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