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The men produced valid looking shields from their film pockets and waved them in front of the receptionist’s face. “Good reasonably, follow me.” He led them to the elevator and within minutes they were at the door of her allowance. Using the master key the door was opened and he stood aside to allow the two men to enter.

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"So... you're exceedingly of surprises, tonight. Be responsible for to strain it again?" She began to move her hand faster, tighter and she spit on his cock to ease the friction and make it last longer.
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“Ditty pair of ‘succeed and get me’ heels that I bought once for a costume party and never clothes.

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"Please, Chad...I need to come. Please may I come," Blaine husked out and grunted in frustration as the ministrations to his ass stopped only to be transferred onto his cock as Chad pushed him into a doggy situation and swallow his cock while lying on his back under Blaine. Grabbing Blaine's hips he urged him to thrust, his fingertips tickling his opening each time Blaine thrust up. Within minutes Blaine was shooting down his throat, Chad pulled back so he could taste the candy load. Blaine moaned one mould culture and flatten to the side, his chest heaving a fine flat sheet of sweat floor his slim bulk.
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