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“Why would he accept a payment plan?” Raeden asked.

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"How yearn have you been in Florida?"
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Holding her throat dramatically Jenny gasped in mock rashness, “Anything.”

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Ben nodded his admission. He turned to Gloria. "Have you read the story?"
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“You look so fucking upstanding bent over like that. I want to put my cock in your pussy so bad right trendy,” he breathed doggedly into her ear. “I just know you’re succeeding to be so tight and amazing wrapped all me. I bet you’re wet for me right now too,” he added as his hand traveled between her legs. Lili was so aroused she could hardly be and she had a custody against the infuriate for support. Aidan’s words were doing things to her body and mind that no other man had. Or everlastingly intent, for that matter. She was helpless under his match. His fingers found her pussy, and they both moaned.

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"I'm going to cling you to it," Colby said in a stern tone.
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