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James took him into the library and showed him the photographs and share what he had already written. He toughened his hand to presentation how he escaped three German planes at dusk, flying his fingers around the room.

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Colby grinned. She thought to herself that now was possibly the best time to bring up going out. At least Suzanne was feeling good. "So what about tonight? Obtain you decided whether you are going to come with me?"
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Maria and Tony walked in together, both looking tired and drawn. “Those men are more stubborn than we thought. They express us nothing.”

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When the kiss ended, both of them were short of breath. Suzanne could see the fire of desire in Colby's eyes. It was uncharted and stoked her own excitement. She wanted to renounce Colby onto the bed and pull off her clothes.
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“Uh, yes, uh, please,” she said, “This is a mistake.”

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John held Em's hand as they walked the trail back to camp. The Captain and his four men followed them bringing Emily Cure' along. The other three guardsmen were busy pulling away in the Zodiac with their prisoner handcuffed in the middle and a utterly Two Pistols in the bottom of the boat.
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