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As his car pulled up in forthright of the house a rangy, thin man wearing the tweed jacket and corduroy trousers of the country squire came out of the front door. “Satisfactorily?”

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"I don't mean to be rude or anything but aren't we in the middle of something?"
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“Laying on my back for any length of time hurts. I’m hoping this lasts a while, so I’m making myself cordial. Look, you can fuck me like it was dog-style and still pull on my nipples, which I want you to do. So, mount my leg and fuck me hard now!”

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"What do you mean?" As much as he loved his wife, Ruby, on occasion she had a habit of making him drag it out of her. He got up from the propose. "Ain't no..."
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There had been that one import… that lone moment when Eliza allowed her loneliness to overwhelm her good reason and trustworthiness to her sister and then Bethany walked in.

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"Fuck," she muttered as Rory moved his lips down her neck, flicking his tongue across or sucking at the spots he knew she liked.
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With his thumb and forefinger massaging her clit, he dipped his tongue into her warmth, in, in, in and then into her tightness as far as he could, bringing another almost-hoot from her.

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"What's he doing here?" she asked, being lovingly polite while not caring the same whit what the old lawyer was doing anywhere; her contrariwise interests were her lover, their expected passion together and when they would make be infatuated with again. He had ignited a passion in her soul and whenever they touched, it at worst burned hotter.
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