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“Oh, thank you,” Clara said.

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"I probably should have told Suzanne to fix her lipstick," Colby told herself. "Issued to think of it, I probably should have checked my face." It was too late. Jillian caught sight of them coming completely of the bedroom. Between Colby's hair being mussed up and the lipstick smudged around both of their lips, it was perceptive that things had changed.
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“No,” he turned away, “I’m just half of one.”

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They sat staring at their drinks.
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Eliza took all this in, especially the outstanding, damn near new green dress her sister was now wearing and the string of pearls that magically appeared around her neck.

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"I not ever for a trice doubted it. If you are not at home where will I be able to reach you?"
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