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“If you want to,” Chad watched as Blaine dressed, swallowing as Blaine crooked in excess of and slipped shorts on, he’d slipped into a small red thong and it held his package nicely. Chad quickly dressed and sat on the edge of the bed as Blaine fiddled with his curls.

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"We did say if you started to show us you could be responsible and mature you could have it, Kyle and I are both amazed at the turnaround you've had this past year. We couldn't be prouder of you." Also gaol grinned and leant back in the recliner.
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“She’s knocked out. She’s but had a few hours residue between closing the bar last night, then making you breakfast and lunch before she got here at 4:30 to helper you.” She would have said more but Sandra put a grasp on her arm halting her. She looked out of the window into Harry’s features.

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"Then I could not seek from you to --"
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