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He waited hoe his father drifted slack to sleep and then quietly made his way out of order of the room. He found Dr. Morley waiting outside for him.

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As far as she knew, Mr. Ewart was on all occasions an early riser but this morning it was already half-past eight and there was no singular of him... or Bethany Rose, by reason of that issue.
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“I don’t see any resemblance.”

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The pair had arrived about three days before as crew on a container ship. They had jumped ship in Adelaide and it was believed that they travelled to Sydney via Melbourne in a series of stolen cars provided throughout them by known sympathisers. It was only suspected that they were headed in compensation Sydney as a curtain of silence had been placed enclosing them and the reason for their visit to Australia.
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Lili awoke to an intense pain in her trunk. During a moment she had no picture where she was, how she got there, or who was in bed with her. But as her vision came into focus, she realized she was in a hospital…a sickbay bed…which meant… and then it all came flooding remote to her. Wait — who was in bed with her?

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"So what?" I replied. "Let 'em take notes." I kissed her again then gently squeezed her clit between my fingers.
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