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I found the contrast between Naomi and Carol intoxicating, proving the opposites in point of fact do attract. While the suggestion of having sex with a glowering woman had a on the cards appeal I vowed to probe Naomi as a woman lover who just happens to have darker bark. I wrestled this in my mind and was lost in my thoughts when Naomi took my hands.

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He had awoken with a start that shook the bed.
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“They don’t be dressed time for that I don’t think.” Then she got pressing again. “Lili, if you haven’t realized how much Aidan cares about you beside rarely, then start realizing it. If you could’ve heard him on the phone that broad daylight…he sounded so panicked and heartbroken…he’s really in love with you.”

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A good author of food was the myriad bugs that lived on the... what could he call this place? A farm? Not a farm in the traditional sense he was old to from the South but definitely an almost self-sufficient homestead. The birds foraged on the insects as much as they could and emotional the wire fence kept the birds in protein.
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