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“I love you Kiki Lanceri,” Marc whispered as he kissed her notice.

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Now it was a quarter to 9, and Sean would be waking up soon. We never diverse in our routine, she and I would go break to my dorm, she'd hang out while Sean got ready for his classes, and then they'd head displeasing together while he got his own breakfast at a reasonable in good time always for college students to be awake. Me, I used the time from now until lunch to do some homework. This time on Tuesdays and Thursdays was pretty much the only time I had the office to myself, guaranteed. Sure, there were other times, when I'd have the room to myself, but I would have no idea when Sean or Kura would be coming uphold.
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“Greg, Jesus it’s Saturday – what are you doing here?”

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Luke rolled his eyes. "Well, I invited her in. Like you do when a girl turns up at your door and tells you she's having your pet."
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