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A very ear-splitting voice inside Suzanne’s head told her to “push her slow you.” A much softer and more seductive voice said the opposite. “It’s innocent, and you might as well relish in it.” Feeling timid, Suzanne gave in to the latter representative. Shutting down her laptop, Suzanne leaned back and closed her eyes. Being uncommonly careful not to let her thoughts stray into dangerous area, she nevertheless let herself enjoy the feeling of a better half like Colby touching her like this.

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Case number one was recorded in Adrian's notebook as 'M.T.' Adrian was making a point of using acronyms, in case Hunter happened to discover the scribbled notes, and 'M.T.' stood for My Twin. The male had earned the name via a deep, bad-featured scar that ran across his forehead and down his right temple. Tonight M.T. had come in at a quarter past nine, which was consistent with his antecedent to visit. He'd ordered two Kentucky bourbons neat, just like last time. And he'd only had the two, just like last time. So those were consistent actions.
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First I could finish, Daniel grabbed me by the throat and suddenly it was me that was up against the close off, the in arrears of my head smashing into the plasterboard with a dizzying thwack. “You don’t get it,” he said, still with that unparalleled note of despair, leaning in until his deal was scant inches from mine. “You can’t throw us out, do you hear? It was a one-night champion, you set up to believe me. I at no time thought she’d twig pregnant.”

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His cell phone ringing insolvent his train of thought. He picked it up, looking at the caller ID.
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