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Clara went completely and noticeably red at that and it caused Magnanimity to giggle again and say:

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Her sister came in to see Bethany crying in the middle of the office. "Bethany, are you all right?" Eliza smiled; at least this room wasn't as funky as his bedroom. The smell of sex lingered there because they never stopped; she aired out the leeway each morning after they... each night... oh, each night how they carried on. Eliza blushed.
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“Of course you can Lily. You don’t even have to ask At best hurry up and get to my house will get through one’s head out what to do then.”

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"Hello," John said. He got two smiles back, not at all what he expected. Whatever children he had seen in the market were trivial hellions. A couple, he wanted to put a boot up their ass... and their mothers, too.
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