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“Everything. Anything,” Blaine shrugged and danced for the bedroom.

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"Yes." Blaine nodded then laughed as Chad swooped him up to take him upstairs. The boys spent the rest of the lifetime in bed.
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“I was upstanding thinking of how holier-than-thou Roni’s going to be when she knows we’re seeing each other.” She paused and sat up in the bed pulling the sheet with her, “We are seeing each other aren’t we?”

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"Yeah," Adrian muttered. Then, he curled his lip and said, "You know, if things are gonna curb this busy, I could really use someone else to alleviate in view. It's getting to be too many people in the direction of anyone guy."
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“You’re welcome, sweetheart,” Chad wrapped Blaine in his arms and shushed him gently. A barking was the only prophecy they got before Cookie bounded onto the bed and demanded attention.

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"Sweetie, I didn't obtain to but I wanted to. If you mean, it's favourable that I was the complete who demolish in love with you, then I guess so. I know I'm feeling lucky now," Colby said. Laying her head down on Suzanne's caddy, she gave her a squeeze. "So very lucky," she whispered. Already thoughts about what ifs and timelines were fading away, replaced by glimpses of possible futures.
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